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Galvanised hand pallet truck 2500 kg Used



1200 mm
525 mm
Empty Weight:
72 kg
Load Capacity:
2500 kg
Created With:
Galvanized Steel
Longitud de horquilla:
800 mm
Ancho Fijo de Horquilla:
525 mm
CE marking

The galvanized pallet truck offers good corrosion resistance thanks to the hot-dip galvanizing process of the chassis, rudder and conditioning cams of the pump body.


€302.50 tax incl.



Hand pallet truck with a load capacity of up to 2,500 kg.

Adapted to work in environments where high hygiene parameters are required, such as the chemical, pharmaceutical or food industries.

  • Center of gravity (c): 400 mm.
  • Elevation: 115 mm.
  • Turning radius: 1017 mm.
  • Work aisle for pallet 800x1200 length: 1435 mm.
  • Load distance (x): 582 mm.


Manual drive group

Accompanying Driving

Load capacity Q 2500 kg

Center of gravity c 400 mm

Load distance x 582mm

Wheelbase and 842mm


Weight 55 kg

Axle load with load, rear 1791 kg

Axle load with load, front 764 kg

Axle load without load, rear 16 kg

Axle load without load, front 39 kg

Chassis / Wheels

NYLON front wheels NYLON rear wheels

Front wheels dimensions - Diameter 200 mm

Front wheels dimensions - Width 50 mm

Rear wheels dimensions - Diameter 82 mm

Rear wheels dimensions - Width 82 mm

Rear wheels dimensions - Q.ty (X = drive) nr 2

Rear balancing axle No

Front track b10 155 mm

Rear track b11 375 mm


Height h3 115 mm

Rudder height max h14 1160 mm

Fork height lowered h13 85 mm

Total length l1 1200 mm

Fork rudder length l2 400 mm

Total width b1 525 mm

Fork dimensions s 55 mm

Fork dimensions 150 mm

Fork dimensions l 800 mm

Fork width b5 525 mm

Lower free height, with load, to the center between axles m2 30 mm

Work aisle for pallet 800x1200 longit. Ast 1435 mm

Turning radius Wa 1017 mm


Lifting speed with load strokes 13

Lifting speed without load strokes 13

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